Q. Do you offer quantity discount.

Yes we can offer quantity discount – please contact us direct if you have large project .

Q. Why the minimum part cost of £6.99
As 3D printing takes time to set up, we feel it would simply not be cost effective to print small parts. However if you have multiple small parts, you can create one stl file and upload that. This will reduce cost compared to multiples of £6.99

Q. What are your normal stock colours

Black, White & Silver/grey are the most popular used colours. We carry high stock of these so that we never run out. We offer any colour from the fantastic faberdashery range, (please allow an extra 5 days for us to acquire your preferred colour.

Q What is support material?
Support material, is extra material which is sometimes added to the print when required to support overhangs of > 70 degrees. This improves overall print performance of the print and allows for the un-printable to be printable – but due to its nature it can lead to some minimal scaring. We do our best to orientate parts to minimise support material and any visual scaring.
The customer is responsible for removing the support material, as this can be labour intensive, and we aim to keep our prices very competitive.

Q. Can my part be printed in less than 10 days

Yes smaller orders can be turned around quicker, and normally are. but we feel that 10 days is still a responsive time compared to others in todays very competitive market.

Q. Can I change my design once I have paid and ordered?

Simply NO. as our system is automated we trust that your design has been check and approved prior to payment. We can only stop the process(at our discretion) if a drastic error has been made.

Q. Do you “fix” stl files
Yes we use various tools to correct and fix STL files prior to printing. It is still the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their STL files are correct.

Note: not everything can be printed, and this is highlighted during the pre-print setup stage. A refund will be applied only at this stage, this could be in some cases several days after the initial transaction(mainly due to print queue)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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