First you need to make or find a 3D model of the thing you want. UK-3D works with STL files, a universal format supported by most 3D software packages. You can create your own or find models other people have made at one of several online resources.

It is important that the surface of each file represents a manifold (watertight) volume, and does not have any openings. Such openings can cause artifacts in the resulting print. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure their designs accurately represent a build volume.

Creating a 3D model

Use the free 3D modeling package SketchUp from Google to invent your own things.

Need Ideas, then download a file from these repositories:-

models for 3d printing

A marketplace to buy, sell and share models for 3D printing

thingiverse logo

Provides a huge repository of free, useful items that you can download.

Provides a huge repository of free, useful items that you can download.

How to order

Once you have the required STL files, please proceed to our Instant Quote page, upload your files, add to cart & checkout. Your 3d print order will be instantly processed and shipped within just 10 working days!

Please visit our testimonials page for some of the kind comments we have received.

We welcome your potential custom.

The UK-3D team.

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